Socool Grand Ballroom

Socool Grand Ballroom

Take care of every detail with our professional team. Build confidence for every event to be successful We are ready to help you every step from start to finish, and more , if required.

  • Highly trained staff at your service to cater you and your guests from welcoming to bidding good bye
  • Round the clock professional assistance before, during and after the event
  • Customized menu with food display by our F&B team
  • Technical assistance always by your side

ห้องกัญจนา (Kanchana Ballroom)

The Kanchana Ballroom is a grand multipurpose space which can be transformed into any setting depending on your need. Wedding reception, product launch event, birthday party, kitty party, school event or any other social gathering

ห้องหิรัญญา (Hiranya ballroom)

Every corporate event has its specific need and requires special attention to detail. Hiranya Room are your way to make these events a big success and make that important first impression on your clients which can be the turning point of your corporate journey.